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Transparent prices: no extra costs

Due to the Summer holiday, the business will be closed from Saturday 20 July to Sunday 4 August 2024.


B2B jewellers / gold dealers



In recent years, Richard often received requests for B2B collaboration from other jewellers and gold dealers.


So we decided to start the new year by expanding and digitising our successful B2B e-commerce, with the aim of becoming even bigger and developing good collaborations.



What does it entail?


As a jeweller/gold merchant, you can enjoy B2B pricing with us. Not only that, we can also come and collect all your scrap gold from your business for free, so you can focus on selling.


If possible, we will immediately start taxing your old gold on site. We will then instantaneously transfer the credit to your account there too.


If the quantity is too large to be assessed on site or it needs to be melted down first, we will already pay you an advance of 75% on site. The final quantity will be paid out the day after at the latest.



What do you have to do?


1. To register as a potential B2B customer with us, please fill in this form.


2. We will check your information and approve or reject your application.
    (If we cannot verify you, we will call you for additional information).


3. When your application is approved, you will be put in our system as a B2B customer. If you log in now, you can view the new column of B2B prices.




This offer applies ONLY to jewellers and gold dealers, so unfortunately other types of businesses cannot take advantage of this.


If you have any questions regarding the new B2B collaboration, please feel free to contact us via the media below:


Telephone: +32(0)3 886.62.54



We look forward to a smooth and constructive collaboration!

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